Why are so many conpanies changing their logos to flat designs ?


Flat designs have spiked significantly in the past few years, in brand identity redesigns of some of the biggest players in the corporate world.

Major brands like Apple, Microsoft, and Hershey have gone flat I would say it’s here to stay, at least for a while. It’s a heated debate in graphic design communities, and here’s why.

Minimal but not Boring

Ease of Use

Flat designs are easy to use on different platforms

Flat designs are battery savers

Flat designs are easy to design

Three-dimensional designs, as we know, are created in such a way that they have a live 3D effect to it. Flat designs on the other hand, as its name suggests, are the designs that are flat in nature with no gradients, shadows, or texture. These designs are simple and minimal with no three-dimensional effects added to the design. There are a lot of reasons for which companies have shifted from 3D designs to flat ones.


A very obvious reason to the shift is the fact that the market is doing so. Companies and brands wish to appear updated and fresh and hence, the change is vital to be made. If not given due attention, in this regard, the brand would be whipped out from the market.

Another reason for the shift to flat design is the fact that 3D logos have a lot of gradients, shadows, and gloss making them almost impossible to match with the different platforms, on which they have to be placed, without alterations. On the other hand, flat designs are simple yet colorful which allows them to look good on all platforms with no or less alteration required.

Also, since, the flat designs encompass lesser colors and details; they are good at saving battery. The space saved hence can be utilized for the showcase of relevant and more attractive items.

Finally, in this world of ease and comfort, designers too wish for a task that gives them room for relaxation. Hence, designs that are high in quality and low in efforts are the most cherished ones. Flat designs, precisely accommodate these features while being easy to make and attractive enough to steal the show.


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