Essential Elements Of Logo Design

Essential Elements Of Logo Design
Essential Elements Of Logo Design

Logo Design Essential Elements: Knowing the key elements of a memorable logo and how they work will help to communicate properly with your eventual logo designer, but also to make a proper final choice on the logo that represents brand the best. To begin with, a logo is not just some colors, fonts and lines combined. It is a brand’s identity, to the extent that a logo is usually more recognizable than the brand’s name. A good logo, with the right characteristics, will increase your visibility and credibility – which means
more business

1. The Graphic Element | Logo Design Essential Elements

The graphic element in a logo can be an icon, a pattern, an illustration or even a designed line. Whatever its shape, the graphic element is always versatile. It needs to be able to match with the entire logo and stand alone as the single symbol of your brand. The elements of graphic design are used, and often mixed together, to create graphic works. They are not to be confused with principles of design, such as balance or white space, but rather the elements such as color, fonts, and images. A powerful graphic can make or break a design.

2. The Font Logo Design Essential Elements

Font choice is the most important element of logo design and one that should never be neglected. The right font can increase the strengths of your logo and your brand, while the wrong font can be a customer buzz-kill. Choice of font plays a critical role in your brand’s logo design and overall brand identity, especially in water mark logo design, where the type is your logo. Custom fonts help ensure that your unique logo will stay that way forever.

3. The Color | Logo Design Essential Elements

Color is always the most obvious thing about a design. We’re taught colors from early stages, and even go so far as to identify some of our personal belongings with color descriptors. Color is capable of creating strong feelings among people, who consciously and subconsciously apply certain meanings or emotions to various colors. Color is utilized to generate emotions, define importance, create visual interest and unify branding. So most importantly, the color scheme of your brand and your logo should be based on what resonates best with your target audience.

4. The Shape | Logo Design Essential Elements

The shape is basically an area that is contained within an implied line or is seen and identified due to color or value changes. Whether it be geometric or something more organic, a recognizable shape is memorable long after it leaves our view. Geometric shapes are simple to recognize and stand for organization, efficiency, and structure. Further, the symmetry of geometric shapes stands for order.

5. The Form | Logo Design Essential Elements

Forms are simply the three-dimensional objects within a certain design. The simplest forms are: cube, pyramid, cylinder etc.
Forms and shapes can be visualized as positive or negative. In a two dimensional composition, the objects provide the positive forms, while the background is the negative space. For starting art and design students, effective utilization of negative space is by far the most important concept to be mastered.


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