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time crystal

Physicists find signs of a time crystal

Yale physicists looked for a signature of a discrete time crystal within a crystal of mono-ammonium phosphate. Credit: Michael Marsland/Yale University Yale physicists have uncovered hints of a time crystal—a form of matter that “ticks” when exposed to an electromagnetic pulse—in the last place they expected: a crystal you might find in a child’s toy. […]

Next step towards quantum network based on micromechanical oscillators

Next step towards quantum network based on micromechanical oscillators

Artists intuition of two mechanical oscillators that are brought into a quantum entangled state through a light field inside an optical interferometer. The two systems exhibit stronger than classically possible correlations, often referred to as spooky action at a distance. This demonstration of entanglement between engineered systems could help to directly realize a quantum network. […]

quantum sensors

New NIST chip hints at quantum sensors of the future

NIST’s prototype chip for measuring important quantities such as length with quantum precision. The device works by using a laser to probe atoms to generate infrared light at a precise wavelength. The NIST chip packs a tiny cloud of atoms and structures for guiding light waves into less than 1 square centimeter. The atoms are […]

non-equilibrium many-body physics

A novel test bed for non-equilibrium many-body physics

The behavior of electrons in a material is typically difficult to predict. Novel insight comes now from experiments and simulations performed by physicists who have studied electronic transport properties in a one-dimensional quantum wire containing a mesoscopic lattice. Whether a material is, for example, a metal or an insulator depends on a range of microscopic […]

Majorana trilogy completed

Majorana trilogy completed

Perfect quantization of the Majorana conductance is the final proof of the existence of the Majorana’s. Credit: TU Delft Since the breakthrough discovery of the Majorana particle in 2012 in Delft, researchers faced great challenges. The group of professor Leo Kouwenhoven at QuTech and Microsoft collaborated with theorists and material scientists of various institutes to […]

Gravity Could Be Produced by Bizarre Quantum Flashes

Since the mid-twentieth century, two theories of physics have offered powerful yet incompatible models of the physical universe. General relativity brings space and time together into the (then) portmanteau space-time, the curvature of which is gravity. It works really well on large scales, such as interplanetary or interstellar space. But zoom into the subatomic, and […]

ic lattices seamlessly together

Sewing atomic lattices seamlessly together

Scientists with the University of Chicago revealed a technique to ‘sew’ two patches of crystals seamlessly together at the atomic level to create atomically-thin fabrics. Joining different kinds of materials can lead to all kinds of breakthroughs. It’s an essential skill that allowed humans to make everything from skyscrapers (by reinforcing concrete with steel) to […]

portable atomic clock

Gravity measured for first time using a portable atomic clock

Atomic clocks are capable of the most precise physical measurements humanity can make, but because they’re so complex, they’ve been restricted to laboratory use – until now. For the first time ever, a team of European scientists have measured gravity using a portable atomic clock. The device is the first portable optical lattice clock, which is the […]


New Physics Research Shows Tetraquarks Must Exist

Quark Quirks Called Tetraquarks Everything and everything in the universe is made up of atoms — except, of course, atoms themselves. They are made up of subatomic particles, namely, protons, neutrons, and electrons. While electrons are classified as leptons, protons and neutrons are in a class of particles famously known as quarks. Though, “known” may […]