KickassTorrent Download Latest Movies Games Leaked

KickassTorrent Downlaod Latest Movies Games Leaked
KickassTorrent Downlaod Latest Movies Games Leaked

KickassTorrent is back online again last year.

kickasstorrent is commonly known as kat. This Torrent Site was opened in 2008 and 2014.  KickassTorrent Provides the movies, games, and various files through a torrent file which was following magnet link peer to peer sharing enuring BitTorrent Protocol. Kickass Was becoming so popular that it was tackle down the pirate bay’s traffic. According to Alexa, it was also tackled down the pirate bay’s Alexa rank. 

But Unfortunately, KickassTorrent  Was went offline on 20 July 2016 by United States Government to do piracy of the latest movies, games, also for crack valuable premium Softwares. It’s Proxy sites and mirror website also shut down and the administrator was arrested by Us Government.

But, at the end of December 2016, Kickasstorrent community developed a new website name as KAT to keep the glory of the Kickass Torrent.

Negative Point is, Piracy is a bad thing. Many people and companies out there try hard and soul and put their money on movie projects to a good movie, premium software whatever. If the make finds out that someone is distributing his thing freely without his permission, he definitely could be angry. So, piracy is illegal things.

So, What are the main reason behind the KickassTorrent for being the most popular website?

The main Reson was its users. Million of people around the world seeding the huge amount of various files which is quite impossible to keep in hosting service. Sometime it could crash the Kickass Torrent hosting. So that’s why millions of people as using the BitTorrent protocol. So, for this reason, millions of people were attracted to Use Kickass Torrent.

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In the First Decade of the 21st Century, Faster Internet connection was rare Also the internet wasn’t available to the vast amount of people on earth. so many were buy many movies, games, premium software. The didn’t know about kickasstorrent. But With A Time communication technology was developing rapidly, also, a communication device such as android phone,  desktop computer, laptop price was getting lower and people were able to buy them to use.

So, in the second decade of the 21st Century, kickasstorrents were becoming much more popular with time.

Most Of the people liked kickass torrent because of the latest release movies. because it takes three months to come to a blue ray print movie into the market. Kickasstorrent  Authority worked on this point. And after a movie release ( Hollywood, Bollywood, drama, cartoon, tv-series whatever ) The were shared the cam print, HD rip print. For those people who were movie buffs, it was like getting a moon into their hands.

When The Captain America: Civil War Was / The First Avengers Movie Released in 2012,  people had t go to the theatre to see the movie. But out there they were many people for whom it was expensive to buy a ticket to show a movie.

But for movie buff people kickasstorrent was like getting a moon in the hand. After a couple of days from movie release, kickasstorrent uploaded camrip or HDRip Captain America: Civil War Was / The First Avengers Movie.

The users of kickass torrent downloaded Captain America: Civil War Was / The First Avengers Movie by using BitTorrent Protocol.ANd seeded to each Other.

Yes, This Kind Movie piracy put a huge bad effect on the movie business. A movie creator doesn’t get proper earning. This Must Be stopped Bu Law Enforcement.

Kickasstorrent was also famous for the pirated software. With time computer technology has been developing significantly. The computer makes our works very much easier. Such as a single software can calculate a daily basis, buy and sell amount, which is very difficult for a person, or you have to hire a person who can do that for you. It can make you to spend extra money from your pocket.

For this kind of purpose, the software developer is making a lot of software. This kind of software people has to buy from the developer by paying a standard amount of money. But Torrent Website like kickass torrent has its own software programmer, they crack the premium software. And, yes this illegal.

For This Kind Of Reason,  many people around the world were the users of the kickasstorrent website.

Kickasstorrent was getting the main traffic from the Asian region, because a huge amount of people were not able to purchase premium software or their intention is not buying premium software, we will use pirated software. Countries Like China, India, Pakistan Bangladesh, when people use to build a pc rig, they must have to buy windows premium software and such other software for daily uses like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint.

But In This Situation, millions of pc users were using kickasstorrent to get pirated cracked software like windows operating system, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Negative Effects OF using KickassTorrent

First Of all Movie piracy is illegal things because you are stealing someone’s movie, software video, etc.

When you are downloading some files from the directory it could contain some malicious computer viruses. It could hard your computer and your privacy.

Most of the people faced the problem when they were downloading pirated crack software from kickasstorrent and installed it on their laptop or desktop pc. And this time it was the  easier way to hack someone’s computer and blackmail them for their private files.

A few years ago in 2015 Users were found a lot of dangerous malware containing into kickass torrents movies, games, software, etc. And Many users ( Around 12 million People )stopped using kickasstorrent. Due to this reason, google chrome and firefox also blocked kickass torrents for spreading phishing links.

The administrator of the kickasstorrent was claimed that they were working on this problem and they remove all the malicious viruses. but at this time a lot of people were also getting trouble with the malicious virus.

Due to avoid law enforcement kickasstorrent was running under by many mirror domains, In the year 2013 kickasstorrent was delisted by google search engine and also blocked by several isp of  Belgium. With a time many countries ( Such as Irish, United Kindom, Netherland, Malaysia ) ISPS blocked Kickasstorrent for violating copyright law.

For this reason administratorof kickasstorrent was keep chaging the ectention of their domain. But in the July of 2015google officially remove form their google search results.

In the same month, the Us government declared that they seized domain and shut down all servers which belonged to the kickasstorrent. The Administrator and the operator of the servers were arrested by the United State of America’s Low enforcement and homeland security under the copyright violations law.

But The Story of Kickasstorrent did not stop there!!!!!!!

After a few months, later some people from the kickasstorret community was inspired and to keep the legacy of kickass torrent they started kat website by new Extention.

But many of these KickassTorrent proxies and mirrors contains malicious copycats. Such sites plan to steal user’s personal information and MasterCard credentials.

Following the shutdown of the first KickassTorrent website earlier this year, several mirror sites came up online, claiming to be the important reincarnation.

Here is some KickAsstorrent proxy sites list which we have collected from the internet:


For this kind of thing, many peoples business losing because their movies, games,  cartoon are being pirated by kickasstorrent

Piracy of any original content is a punishable offense under International Law. Bestmoviess .com completely opposes this type of piracy. This article here is about kickasstorrent is just the purpose to let you know about the history of this online portal and its illegal activities. Its intention is never at all to inspire piracy and illegal acts in any way. Please stay away yourselves from such piracy websites and walk on the right path to download the movie, games, premium software from original source.

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