World’s first AI anchor unveiled in China’s Xinhua news agency

World's first AI anchor unveiled in China's Xinhua news agency
World's first AI anchor unveiled in China's Xinhua news agency

China’s Xinhua News Agency has unveiled the world’s first ever AI news anchor at the Fifth World Internet Conference in the eastern city of Wuzhen.

At the beginning of the the english language broadcast it says that Hello and also said in a robotic voice that you are watching English news program.

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In a different video, the AI news reader pledged to “work tirelessly to keep you informed as texts will be typed into my system uninterrupted.”

The appearance and voice of the AI anchor, clad in a suit and tie, is modelled after Zhang Zhao, a real presenter at Xinhua News Agency.

Designed by the Chinese search engine Sogou to simulate human voice, facial expressions and gestures, the AI abchor is able to learn from live broadcasting videos by himself and “can read texts as naturally as a professional news anchor,” according to Xinhua.

The news agency informed that the AI achor “can work 24 hours a day” and will be used on the news network’s website and social media platforms in order to “reduce news production costs and enhance effectiveness.”.

Making a more realistic AI character will encourage more regular associations and empower this innovation to become a much more fundamental part of everyday life.

The creation of the AI news anchor is part of China’s endeavors to emerge as a innovative powerhouse by notably turning into the world’s pioneer in AI by 2030. The plan’s first step is to catch up with the US on AI technology by 2020.

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