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Most people don’t even know Facebook has their own Adsense Alternative, and setting up a site for Facebook is more difficult than setting up an Adsense account. But don’t worry, Ronald went above and below to make sure you understand that what is instant articles.

Yes, that’s not a lie! I am talking about making US$22,000 in just one month, with Facebook Instant Articles and Facebook Audience. And the best part of it is that you don’t need to worry about one single click, there is no need to worry about CPC or CTR%. 

We’ve all been witnesses of how much growth Facebook has gotten since Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues decided to launch a small project that they didn’t even think would become so successful. It all started as a website that was planned for the students of the University of Harvard to communicate easier among themselves and also share content. For a few years, many publishers have used Facebook and other social networks in order to drive traffic to their blogs and website and monetize the traffic with platforms such as Adsense, CPA and CPM Networks.

Now Facebook expands the scope of Audience Network to display their own ads along with Facebook Instant Articles, which is a platform that allows publishers to optimize their articles in a way that they can be displayed immediately after you click on them. As we all know, no matter how well we optimize our blogs and websites, there’s always been a problem with the time it takes for the articles to load on mobile devices, so this comes into the action and solves that problem.


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